Sencha Style Guide

Brand guidelines for designers and developers


This guide serves as a resource to define the visual and stylistic elements that make up Sencha’s products and marketing materials. As the Sencha team grows, it will become increasingly important to maintain a consistent style and visual language across all areas of the company. This style guide will act as a living document of our design patterns that can grow and change with our company. It will provide you with the tools, assets, and guidance you will need to reinforce the Sencha brand across all communications.

Quick Tips

Keep it simple

Our goal is to create easily digestible interfaces and presentations so our users can have a high chance of success.

Speak in the correct tone

Maintaining a consistent style across all areas of Sencha is essential for strengthening and differentiating our brand.

Get feedback

Good design is a collaborative effort that requires receiving feedback and critique in order to develop a better product.


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